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Why HyperMail.bg

There are many choices when it comes to free email solutions. However, what you will get from HyperMail is much more.

We take the necessary time to understand your needs and ensure that you receive the most effective solution for business mail. If you have ever been in situations similar to those described below and you want to avoid them in the future, then HyperMail is right for you!


Have you ever lost your cell phone and along with it you lost your emails, contacts, notes and tasks?

With HyperMail, you can be assured that all your information will be restored to your new device, you can even delete everything from your lost or stolen device to make sure that the information will not fall into malicious hands!


Have you ever had to use slow and non-web-based interface to view an email that someone has already opened on his own computer?

This will not happen ever again because HyperMail doesn’t download your emails locally but synchronize them on any device instead. Besides, your emails, calendars, contacts and tasks are always with you!


Have you ever had to delete an email and then realized that you had made a mistake?

Thanks to HyperMail, you will never be in the same situation again because everything you delete (even from your Recycle Bin), can be restored in the next 30 days.


Tired to get meetings over phone and then you have to take a note in your notebooks alongside your tasks?

With HyperMail, you will receive your appointments directly to your calendar. Besides your tasks will always be with you and you will be able to easily track their progress, wherever you are.


Tired to look for the SMTP, Mail Server, POP3 or IMAP addresses just to set an email on mobile device, and after hours of trying finally to give up?

With HyperMail, this can not happen to you because you do not have to enter complicated addresses. All you need to do is to fill out your email and password and through ActiveSync protocol you will have access to all your information in seconds.


Tired to lose your mail, contacts and calendars when your hard drive got damaged and you need to reinstall it?

With HyperMail, your information is protected in a secure place. All you need to do after the reinstallation is to sync the device.


Want to check business information for e-mail, such as: when the message was received, what actions are taken, etc.?

HyperMail can give you detailed statistics.


Want a convenient way to edit your phone contacts?

You can do it from your computer, tablet or any other device – you choose.



Want to track all the correspondence of your staff without them knowing about it?

HyperMail allows this.