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What is HyperMail

HyperMail is an innovative platform for business email that enables you to significantly improve your company’s communication. You no longer have to wonder why your email do not appear on a specific computer or where you have written down an appointment or task.

HyperMail is based on Microsoft Exchange and can be used by any company. It allows you to brand you email communication with your company’s domain name! You don’t need to invest time, money and other resources in construction of infrastructure in order to use quality service like most of the large companies worldwide.


Your emails are available on any device without the need to download them to the computer you are currently using.


Your contact information is always with you, everywhere and you can share it with your colleagues on the go.


You can work on shared calendars, send invitations for meetings or track the execution of different tasks.


The tasks have many options and can be shared between people who work together or be directed to those who will be responsible for their execution.

Shared Resources

You can control the timing of the conference rooms, vehicles and equipment, as you are aware at any time if the resource is available or when it will be.


Have the opportunity to receive reports on the number of sent and received emails, emails that have been recognized as spam and many more.