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Migration of current mailboxes to the (our) service

HyperMail can perform (transfer) data migration of existing information from previous to new mailbox according to client’s adjustment after signing a contract. The cost of the service is individually determined. It depends on the number of boxes.



Mail archiving

Whether you communicate with customers, suppliers, clients or employees, email has become an essential business tool.  Therefore it is crucial to preserve and manage these records to maintain company’s intellectual capital. HyperMail include an additional option of archived box.



Registration of new domain for the customer

Using your own domain impart influence of your business. It is a greater possibility for people to work with company which has its own domain. Using free license mailbox and lack of own domain can reduce trust within your customers and undermine your success. Your domain will be your online identity. In most cases, it contains the company’s name and will help you to build a brand around it. Your customers can find you easily and quickly.

If you are not willing to invest time and effort into domain registration, our service include domain support.



Hardware and software support

The purpose of the support that we offer is to ensure the most trouble-free operation for you and your employees. Problems with computers and IT systems are inevitable in any modern organization. Their failure can cause missed opportunities, delays and inconvenience at work. We understand your needs so we are ready to offer our service to client’s office, remotely and onsite support.