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Your Platform For Business Email 1 solution = 4 benefits



You and your employees
work together and share
information in an organized,
easy to use e-mail

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Security is a crucial factor when working online through various devices and public networks. With HyperMail your information is secure.

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Maximum reliability for your
online communication with guaranteed continuity of
service and professional technical support.

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With HyperMail, you get the opportunity to work in and out of your office with access to critical information anytime from any device.

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Affordable Prices

With HyperMail, you can take advantage of one of the most reliable communication platforms in the world and well-established and stable infrastructure, similar to that of large corporations, without the financial and administrative burden of its management. You do not need a dedicated IT department to administer and run corporate communications. Our team of IT professionals that work around the clock, will keep your email go smoothly without any interruptions. Take as many email boxes as you need and you will only pay for what you use. Your business grows, the number of your boxes increases proportionally.


Your Email Anywhere

Your email is always with you. At any time. On any device. Whether you’re using a laptop, smartphone or tablet, your data is always available – in or outside your office.

Additional devices = more problems? Not anymore.

With HyperMail, you can take advantage of receiving information in real time and all that thanks to the automatic synchronization of emails, calendars, tasks, contacts and notes between all client devices.


Data Recovery

Let’s face it. Nowadays, e-mail has become an essential business tool. The main part of your communication with suppliers, customers or employees go through email. That’s why, the storage and management of all those messages is crutial to protect the intellectual capital of your company. With HyperMail, you can be confident that your data is not only protected, but also secured against loss.


Quick And Hassle-free Implementation

With HyperMail, you can have a fully functional email solution within one working day. Our team will work with you to quickly and easily get familiar with all functionalities and benefits of the platform.