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Small business

Before the Internet era, small businesses had no chance against large corporations. The truth is that big businesses dominated corporate world. But as the saying goes: “Time has changed.” Now entrepreneurs have a variety of tools that give them a competitive edge, and why not to dominate.

Using HyperMail, you can take advantage of one of the most reliable communication platforms in a way that big companies utilize, without the need to heavily invest in infrastructure, licenses and staff.

          So buy as many boxes as you need and only pay for what you use. 

Thus, even with a single box, your company can benefit from a fully functional email based on Microsoft Exchange.



Medium business

Work more productively everywhere – in and outside the office

Medium sized businesses have the opportunity to take advantage of the most functional and reliable solution for corporate e-mail, and forget about problems with management and support of current solutions.


  • Enjoy bigger and more reliable mailboxes. 
  • Keep all your important data (correspondence, contacts, tasks) in one place, by enhanced access to information and control over it. (and able to operate productively).
  • Constant and certain access to information on main devices, your employees are using.
  • Working with Outlook –  intuitive and easy to use email client.
  • Improving company’s internal organization by sharing common Calendars, Contacts, Tasks to have their information anywhere and anytime.
  • Protection of firm’s confidential information passing through via email.



Big business

HyperMail is a business solution that allows you to reduce the cost involved in maintaining your own Microsoft Exchange-based infrastructure, by paying as much as you use.

  • We support the latest protection against malign software and spam misuse in a manner of constantly update respond to new threats.
  • Secure system protection from losing database.
  • Ensure multiple backup copies of your data.
  • Reliability, availability and performance guaranteed continuity of service.
  • Technical support. 

If you haven’t use Microsoft Exchange, we will save you an initial cost for investment! Through our In-House Calculator, you can easily calculate what your monthly costs for the number of email boxes required would be.